Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Missed chemo doses, positives and negatives chemo dose was postponed. I was very disappointed, I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible. But my blood counts (platelets to be exact) and that means that my bone marrow is not healing in between rounds of chemo like it's supposed to. And that's bad for me...I guess and the reason why my chemo has been postponed three times now. Once last month and twice this month.

While I'm bummed that my counts were too low for another round of chemo. I did get to enjoy many good times with my family as I wasn't sick/tired/puking/crying/sleeping/in pain from the chemo.

The first weekend I was supposed to be on chemo was a perfect San Diego winter day for us with weather in the 80's and living next to the beach we decided to bring our motor home to the beach and invite family and friends to come down and join us. Which they did and we loved it! It was a great day watching my boys play with friends, climb on the rocks (at the jetty), and surf/boogieboard in the water. The water was too cold for me to get in, but my boys don't seem to mind the cold water!!

Friday (3/14) was "PI" day, so my kiddos and I ate pie, a Julian apple pie to be exact. I did tell them that pi was a math thing that they will learn one day how to use it to measure the circumfrence and area of a circle and hey, a pie is a circle, so it all goes together and we're all about celebrating the little things this year and every year!!
My kiddos were very excited to eat their pie and Ben was excited all day for pie as he's home with me all day and went to the store to help me pick out a pie!!

The second weekend I skipped was a great baseball weekend for Zach and Ben (Josh doesn't play baseball anymore as he doesn't like the idea of kids pitching to him and I honestly don't mind, because our daughter played softball and the games were long, boring, and drawn out when the kids pitched)! My husband (the man always amazes me) coaches both of my boys teams and I have to say is an awesome or lose the kids have a great time and he points out all of the great things EVERY player did during the game from amazing plays to great hits to good sportsmanship. The kids love the praise from him and always look forward to who will get the game ball each week.

So overall it was a positive thing that my chemo was delayed a few weeks because I was able to spend more time with my family, one of my favorite things in life!! Now to get my body back on track to finish this year of chemo....before Christmas, I hope!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Delays...never ending...1/4th of the way through

My chemo round scheduled for February 7th, was delayed when Sean told the doctor's office on the Wednesday before that my son had a fever, they pushed my chemo to the following week. So, yes, I started my chemo on Valentines day. Happy Vday for me!! But it was fine as my husband and boys all went camping in a father/son program they belong to called Indian Guides. So I had a nice restful weekend, until they came home on Sunday afternoon!!

Tuesday, in the wee morning hours, my 5year old, Ben, came into my room throwing up. Knowing that my husband had to leave at 4am to drive to Los Angeles to work for 2 days, I took care of him. I think (or I'm hoping) that I caught whatever he had as I threw up for the entire week through Saturday and felt worse than I had ever felt before on the chemo.

No exercise or special diet for me during the week as I was too weak, sick, and tired for anything. But I was happy that this, my 3rd round out of 12....marked me being 1/4th of the way through my chemo!!

So now, I'm looking forward to my 4th round of chemo starting today, March 14th...28 day cycle, makes remembering the dates from February to March very easy! However, I got a call that because of my blood work yesterday, it shows that my counts (platelets to be exact) are low. Now I'm not even sure what platelets are, so I looked it up online and saw that it has nothing to do with my iron count and that it means my blood wont clot and that I can bleed easily. I never knew there was so much to blood...they look at my platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells.

And for some reason I have been feeling very tired, guess it has to do with a low platelet count, but again, I'm not just seems fitting that I feel so tired as a result of it.