Monday, February 25, 2019

Checking the Harlem Globetrotters off our family bucket list!

We were chosen to blog about the Harlem Globetrotters, as you saw from the last post I gave out a discount passcode and was given tickets for the 5 of us to attend. Faith happened to be down from Vegas, but I didn't know she would be, so she didn't participate as I only asked for the 5 tickets.

We hit a great deal of traffic on our way down, so even though we left early to get dinner, we were unable to. When we arrived at Pechanga Arena, we had to pay 15 dollars to park and were directed to the other side of the lot to Will Call to get our tickets.

Once we got our tickets, we headed inside but were told we could not bring our camera in because the lens is detachable, thus making it a "professional camera" according to security. When I explained that I was blogging about it and wanted some good photos, I was told to use my cell phone, so we did, and please excuse the quality! We all took pictures and enjoyed the show!
In the early part of the game "Globie" came out, and I don't think we laughed harder during the entire game. One of the funniest things to me is that when Sean laughs, he cries (just like his mom, isn't that sweet?) So, lots of laughter and tears when this blow up head and body Globie came out and fell several times, deflating itself and walking as though it had no legs, then growing legs and walking normally until it dropped again! Hilariously funny!!

 Each time they made a basket, not only did the score go up exponentially, but the backboards blew smoke or steam into the air. That part made it ever so exciting for us, and we all cheered a little more because of the excitement of the steam!

The Harlem Globetrotters played a team called the Generals of which I later learned they play every time and have only lost to 6 times since their inception and not since the 1970's have they lost. When it last happened, the Globetrotters were playing around and having fun after getting a huge lead, which they ended up losing by messing around so much!
Speaking of messing around, this guy got up on the hoop and sang baby shark making all the hand motions and all, it was so funny!

At the end of the game, many of the kids ran down to the court and formed lines where the Globetrotters signed basketballs and merchandise.

Of course, my son had this player nicknamed "Moose" sign his shirt!

Here we are happy after laughing throughout the game with full bellies from eating pizza and popcorn we purchased at the game!

The Harlem Globetrotters are something everyone should see and take their kids to see. I remember seeing them as a young child and loving them so much which made it even more exciting as a parent, knowing my children will develop a love for them just as I have!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Harlem Globetrotters Discount Code

I have been a Harlem Globetrotters fan for most of my life. I remember seeing them at a local high school as a child with my mom and brother. Ever since having children, I have wanted them to be old enough to go to a game with me, and now they finally are! I remember the tricks and how much the Harlem Globetrotters made me laugh as I child.  Part of being a bucketlist family is checking things off of our bucketlists and taking my children to see the Harlem Globetrotters is one of mine and I can not wait until February 22nd when we bring my 3 boys to see them and I'm hoping that they love them as much as I did way back when I was a child!

Simply looking at the above photo has me excited to share this experience with my children. For those of you who have seen them or not and want to take your family to check something off of your bucketlist, please use this promo code to save 25%. Checking things off of your bucketlist doesn't have to be expensive or at full price! Lets go and have an amazing experience. I can't wait to share my photos with all of you after we see them in person! You'll have to check back on the blog around February 24th!


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Saturday, June 23, 2018

My newest Middle Schooler

El Camino Creek has been such a great school for Zach! His 7 years here have been nothing short of fabulous from his friends, teachers, and staff!

The second to the last day of school, our principal pulled off a surprise for all the 6th graders as it was their last full day!

So all the 5th graders stood with hands together so that the 6th graders could run through their hands as if seeing them off for their next journey and school!

Luckily Zach is on the smaller side and easily fit through!

Here he is coming out of the tunnel!

And then the last day of school was finally here and promotion was in the morning! Younger siblings are not allowed to attend, so it was only Josh as a sibling attending as Faith had to work.
I was one of the mom volunteers who helped decorate the night before, which entitled me to 2 reserved seats and we arrived extra early so that we would all fit in a close up row!

Our principal and school board representatives

Zach and all the student entered and found their seats!

They sang us a song

Mrs. Greenberger, our principal welcomed everyone to the promotion

Speakers from each class made a speech and Allison was from Zach's class 

Emer spoke for Mrs. Krisky's class

And Kyle for Wright/Wells combo

Zach from his seat! Happy to be finishing 6th grade and moving on.

Lined up and waiting for his teacher to call him up

Mrs. Wegener calling Zach up

 Mrs. Wegener shaking Zach's hand and giving him his promotion certificate!

Shaking hands with Mrs, Greenberger who came back to our school half way through the previous school year.

And having to shake hands with the school board members!

Zach and Mrs. Wegener, happily done with 6th grade!

Zach with grandma Diane and grandpa Denny

Zach with Sean and I.

Family photo missing 2 siblings, one working and the other still in school!

Zach with 2 of his friends, Charlie and Greyson whom he'll attend middle school with

Zach and Mrs. Greenberger!

And again!

Zach with buddies, Braydon and Ben, whom he'll also attend middle school with!

Zach with grandpa Mike and grandma Brooks

Both boys with their grandparents!

And now he's off to middle school and chose Oak Crest, a different school than the one Josh chose and attended! I am so proud of Zach for finding such a good group of friends and for always being a good student. His teachers always loved him and often reminded me of how kind hearted he is, which I have always known and loved about him!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Farewell, Middle School

When Josh finished elementary school and chose which middle school he wanted to attend (based solely on friends) we were told that the 2 years spent in middle school would fly by, and they weren't kidding! We enjoyed our time at Diegueno Middle School as well as his teachers and the administration which make it hard to leave, but we don't have a choice in the matter as these kids of ours won't stop growing up no matter how much I beg and plead with them to no avail.

And the day finally came where Josh promoted from Middle School and at this time he had just changed his mind and switched from SDA to LCC.

Wow, CLASS OF 2022!!

We arrived extra early as I wanted to get a seat at this extra casual promotion!

Hardly anyone was around when we arrived.

The band came out and started playing (and they were surprisingly good)!

All of the students walked in and I should add that this seemed like the hottest day of the year

My poor handsome son cooking away for an hour in the hot sun

Principal Copeland who after this school year has decided to return to teaching

You can see how packed in it got and what you can't see are the smart people in the tree shade way in the back or those who were in the shade behind me on the ramp down when this photo was taken!

First speaker was a very emotional girl and we could hardly understand her.

The second speakers were a team of girls who came through the Spanish language immersion program in the elementary school district and in a weird twist they had the Hispanic girl speak Spanish and the Caucasian girl speak English, which in my opinion should have been switched around!!

This kid did a great job of speaking to the students and remembering the fun times they all had! His last line is one I will never forget as we're in the gaming age with our boys..."PubG is better than Fortnite" and as my boys are obsessed with fortnite, this was music to my ears, lol!

My 4 munchkins who have all my heart!

Family photo on this hot, hot day!

Grandma and Grandpa Teffeteller made the trip up to see Josh's promotion!

As did Grandma and Grandpa Kabo

And Grammy who sat in the shade of the trees with Faith and Nicco for the ceremony (they are the smart ones in the family)!

Faith and her boyfriend Nicco and now you can see why they sat in the shade, wearing all black!

Mom and dad while we're still his favorite people!

So much love for my oldest boy and I am beyond proud of him for all of his efforts in middle school!

With his vice principal on the left and principal on the right, both of whom stepped down to take positions working directly with students instead of in administration!

Afterwards, my son picked Islands, his favorite restaurant (because of their veggie burgers) and his friends changed their plans and all joined us there!

Such a great day, had by all! So proud of you Josh for being such a good student, friend, son, and brother! Your grades were remarkable through middle school and we know you'll keep them up as you do the next 4 in high school! Welcome to the big leagues now, but you'll always be my baby in my heart!