Bucket List

Our family Bucket List in no particular order, chosen by everyone...

1.Cross country trip

2.Stay in round hotel in LA

3.Ride in Goodyear Blimp

4.Half marathon


6.Take boys to the snow

7.Stay at Bellagio in Vegas

8.Go on the Price is Right

9.California Disneyland Hotel with early entry
10.(check)Disney World

11.Caribbean cruise

12.Tahiti, Bora Bora stay in a hut over the ocean

13.Med cruise

14. 30 day cruise

15.Disney Alaska cruise(we've done the Mexican Rivera cruise, but want to do a different one with Disney)

16.White water rafting

17.Drive a Ferrari up the coast

18.Family vacation at a dude ranch

19.Rodeo family trip

20.Mall of America

21.Sky Diving with Sean and Faith

22.Ride in Hot Air Balloon

23.Swim with Dolphins

24.Family trip to Hawaii to renew our marriage vows for out 10th anniversary so all of our children can participate (October 23, 2015)

25. (check) Matching mother/daughter tattoos (a cancer ribbon on the inside of our wrist, in white ink, so it's barely visible)

26.Trip to Italy with my husband and no kids for my 40th birthday (June 2015)

27.Family trip to tour Europe together to travel all over!


  1. We MUST plan a Disney Alaska Cruise. Then #15 can be crossed off the list!

    1. That would be awesome, lets plan it!

  2. Nice list! All the best as you cross them off :-)

    1. Thank you, we're looking forward to some fun family times together!!